Third Party Event

23 Apr 2016 - 27 Apr 2016

The forum will address solving the complex issues facing the global health care sector, all of which require collaboration, innovation and partnership.

Human and financial resources are needed to build the hospitals and infrastructure necessary to deliver health care services that are properly and adequately staffed to meet changing disease burdens. Technologies must be designed and harnessed to foster research and innovation while providing products and services that are effective yet affordable.

The Saudi-American Healthcare Forum will address the role health care, government and the private sector can play to support economic development. Attendees will hear from leading experts with insights and answers to these challenges that are being tested and implemented internationally.

By focusing on working with and managing the regulators, health care services can be built and improved, and clinical trials can be brought to market to combat diseases, even in the most challenging environment. The event will also address information that can be implemented immediately to facilitate knowledge transfer in the global health care sector through innovation, pilot projects, public-private partnerships and other practical solutions.

The mission of the Saudi-American Healthcare Forum is to build, foster and strengthen relationships between US and Arab health care providers and suppliers with a focus on:

  • Creating a global health care platform for exchanging best practices;
  • Promoting dialogue and ideas to grow existing relationships critical to health care diplomacy;

Facilitating new health care ventures and opportunities to stimulate medical tourism.