Third Party Event

30 Mar 2016 - 31 Mar 2016

Organised by the RFI foundation and (co-organised by) Middle East Global Advisors, the summit aims to support the agenda of sustainable and inclusive economy and its connections within the broader responsible finance industry.

This summit will bring together key stakeholders from the traditional responsible finance and Islamic finance sectors to build connections to support rapid growth and increase the measurable impact of the industry. The summit will play a vital role in enabling representatives from across the responsible finance industry develop new relationships to build cooperation across sectors, with a key focus on building the presence of responsible finance in emerging markets across the Islamic crescent from Morocco to Indonesia.

As the industry continues its journey towards wider global adoption, it needs a concerted effort to build bridges between the two areas of responsible finance: one segment which integrates environmental, social and governance factors, and Islamic finance. This will enable responsible finance to expand its impact and widen its geographical footprint around the world, particularly in Muslim majority emerging markets.