Third Party Event

02 Mar 2016 - 03 Mar 2016

PROTECT 2016 is the 11th annual international conference and exhibition on security and safety. It is the only government-private sector partnership in the Philippines devoted to security and safety of the country, its businesses and its people. This year’s conference theme, “Doing Business Amidst New Threats” will discuss matters of security critical to businesses and the government.

Launched in 2005 in cooperation with the Anti-Terrorism Council, the PROTECT series is the largest and longest-running security and safety conference and exhibit in the Philippines.

PROTECT 2016 will be focusing on cybersecurity and other major physical threats. There will be industry specific focus group discussions on major security threats to address the specific needs of the government and business sector.

PROTECT consists of an exhibition, conference, technical/product presentations, demos and a networking cocktail.

Present during PROTECT will be international and local security experts, professionals and senior management officials of key businesses, government officials, members of the armed forces, police and intelligence agencies as well as members of the diplomatic community.

For more information, click here visit the event website.