Third Party Event

08 Dec 2014 - 09 Dec 2014

The conference will consider how best to consolidate and sustain growth in Asia’s booming ports sector. Discussion will focus on consumer and macroeconomic trends driving Asia’s maritime sector and how targeted infrastructure investment can strengthen the Asian service network and supply chains. It seeks to understand the role of strategic alliances in port development and where the investor stands in port project dynamics.​

Drawing on case studies to highlight developments and opportunities for investment and partnership in the ASEAN ports sector, the conference has a particular focus on Indonesia’s influx of new port concessions.

​Port Finance International Asia will offer industry leaders the chance to consider the commercial outlook and discuss plans, projects and projections – as well as the chance to meet their colleagues, peers, business partners and clients.

​Key Topics include:

  • Examining Asia’s place in the global container ports market
  • ​Macroeconomic perspective on consumer and manufacturing trends driving Asia’s maritime sector
  • ​Strategic alliances in Asia’s ports and how these will shape the region
  • ​The rise and expansion of transhipment hub ports in South East Asia: How new transhipment hubs in Singapore and Hong Kong will impact regional shipping patterns
  • ​Competitive dynamics in the East Asia container ports market and what they mean for investors
  • ​Role of shareholder’s in Asia’s ports and their role in the supply chain
  • ​Closing the infrastructure gap: Ensuring infrastructure investment keeps pace with port development to improve the Asian service network with smooth supply chains
  • ​Regional trade patterns and managing supply and demand issues
  • Alleviating problems of excess containerisation capacity and waiting times
  • ​Investment in training to create the next generation of Asia’s ports specialists and a competitive workforce to complement port system automation
  • ​Innovation to boost productivity in Asia’s ports: How Asia’s ports can cater for the latest advancements in vessel technology such as super-vessels
  • ​Indonesia market focus: Examination of greenfield projects and rapid development of port concessions in Indonesia. How investors can capitalise on this growth

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