OBG Event

24 Jul 2016

The British research and consultancy firm, Oxford Business Group, celebrated its 10th anniversary in Algeria.  OBG has become a source of data and provides regular, unbiased reports on the evolution of the Algerian economy. The celebration of its 10th anniversary in Algiers brought together national and international VIPs,  including Karine Loehmann, CEO of OBG; Robert Tashima, Managing Editor for Africa; Mohamed Chami, CEO of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACI); and Ali Haddad, President of the Forum of Business Executives (FCE).

On this occasion, the president of the FCE gave a speech in which he recognized the accomplished work of the prestigious firm.  “On behalf of the Executive Council and all of the members of the FCE, as well as on my behalf, I would like to extend my special congratulations to Ms. Karine Loehmann and to Mr. Robert Tashima, and through them to all of our friends at the Oxford Business Group, especially Ms. Lamis Yazbeck, who helps make the OBG a dynamic and respected institution,” Ali Haddad made a point to mention.

According to the president of the FCE, Oxford Business Group has since its arrival in Algeria delivered “objective, documented and useful” analyses.  Adding that “with its reports on Algeria, OBG has come to be accepted as a reliable and trusted source in the area of economic and financial data.” 
The FCE stated that they were very satisfied with their partnership with the firm—going back to 2013—and that they intended to strengthen that partnership through joint actions, with the goal of enriching the national economic debate and prompting reflection on the different issues of the day.
For its 10th anniversary, Oxford Business Group has chosen the theme “The challenges of diversification – The Algerian economy in motion”. A theme that fits in with the work currently being conducted by the Forum of Business Executives.