Third Party Event

05 Feb 2018 - 06 Feb 2018

  • The conference will host informative speaker sessions spanning two days and covering themes relating to the broader topics of Facilities Management and Pest Control & Pesticides. The first day of the conference will study human resource challenges, cost control, cleaning, hygiene, sanitation and waste management under the banner of Facilities Management. 
  • Keeping consumers and pest professionals updated on the latest developments in pest management, the second day of the conference will highlight pest control training, regulations, technologies, tools aiding pest control operators, pest control procedures in the food industry, HSE pest control staffing requirements, insect and pest control information, and facts and community awareness initiatives under the banner of Pest Control & Pesticides.
  • OCFM Workshops on Smart FM will guide industry players on investment in products aiding the development of fully automated smart building processes, with interactive panels and display areas serving as hubs for further discussions.
  • Although in its nascent years, OCFM has already received a promising response, attracting more than 275 delegates for its first edition, with the number expected to grow over the coming years.

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