Third Party Event

12 Mar 2014

Oxford Business Group is pleased to announce its media partnership with the Natural Gas Summit 2014 which will be held on 12 – 13 March, in Philippines. In this respect we send you the following message from the conference organisers:

Dear Oxford Business Group Subscribers,

The economic growth of Southeast Asia has driven up energy demand. In developing its energy future, the region must balance its economic imperatives with energy security and environmental sustainability. At the forefront of this growth is Philippines, now considered by the World Bank as the “rising tiger” of Asia as the Philippine government’s economic initiatives and political reforms have begun to bear fruit.

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Last March 2013, the embassies of five major players in the global natural gas market organised the very first policy dialogue on natural gas in the Philippines, in cooperation with the Philippine Department of Energy (DOE). They shared their in-country experiences and national policies on natural gas. The dialogue resulted in World Bank’s commissioning by the DOE to develop a master plan for natural gas in the Philippines.

The Natural Gas Summit in March 2014 expands the original scope of the first policy dialogue to include the broad aspects of the upstream, LNG and downstream sections of the Philippine energy industry. Confined solely to policy discussions in 2013, the 2014 Natural Gas Summit will cover analysis of business needs and challenges for the development of a dynamic Philippine natural gas industry and includes collaboration with other Southeast Asian countries. The 2014 Summit will be organised by Leverage International in cooperation with the Department of Energy and in continuing collaboration with the five key countries which initiated this Summit.

Natural Gas Summit 2014 will bring together Government and Industry to shape the future share of natural gas in the country’s energy mix. Present and proposed legal considerations for development of the gas market will be a major part of the agenda, with two major international energy law firms – Puno & Puno and Latham & Watkins – having agreed to participate in this undertaking. The proceeding of Summit 2014 is a significant input for the legislative and economic frameworks for development of natural gas in the Philippines and will be presented to the Department of Energy and the Philippine Congress.