Third Party Event

12 Feb 2017 - 16 Feb 2017

With the support of ADNOC, CRU is hosting a new regional conference devoted to exploring the entire sulphur value chain and the growing role of the Middle East as one of the world’s largest producers of sulphur.

Attendees at the event can expect the following: 

  • Explore the entire sulphur value chain: from the operational aspects of safe, efficient and environmentally responsible production of sulphur through to the marketing and distribution of sulphur to key consumers;
  • Understand the market dynamics underpinning the global sulphur industry, including insights into the role of the Middle East as one of the world’s largest sulphur producers and demand updates from key consumers;
  • Learn about the latest technical developments and operational know-how through a comprehensive technical programme devoted to sharing best practice and enabling peer-to-peer knowledge transfer.
  • Interact with peers from throughout the sulphur industry through workshops, clinics, roundtable discussions and high-level networking opportunities;
  • Address your specific operational challenges with technical experts in the exhibition.

Key themes to be explored:

  • Exploring the sulphur value chain from production to consumption;
  • Demand outlooks from the fertiliser sector with a focus on global phosphate market dynamics;
  • Regional demand insights from key consumption regions including China and Brazil;
  • Assessing the agricultural importance of sulphur and exploring the market for sulphur-enhanced fertilisers;
  • Dry bulk shipping, current trends and outlook;
  • Demand from industrial sectors;
  • The CRU view on how sulphur demand will evolve over the next 3-5 years.

An in-depth two day technical programme, workshops and post conference technical training

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