Third Party Event

01 Oct 2019

Andrés Manuel López Obrador assumed the presidency with more political power than any Mexican president in almost 40 years. With majorities in both houses of Congress, his ability to implement the policies he campaigned on is strong, although tension over how his administration will govern continues to loom large.

How will the president address hot button issues such as infrastructure, energy reforms, corruption, violence and unemployment? How will he navigate the political obstacles surrounding the congressional passage of the new NAFTA/USMCA agreement? How effectively will he deliver on big promises to expand social programs for the elderly and provide free higher education for Mexican youth while curtailing violence, corruption and forging a friendlier relationship with the United States?

Uniting Economist editors, policymakers, business decision-makers and thought leaders, The Economist Events’ Mexico Summit will provide analysis and insight into the country’s next chapter.

As a supporting association of this event, we’re pleased to offer you 15% off the registration rate. Register today using the discount code OBG15/DC. We look forward to seeing you at the summit.