Third Party Event

12 Nov 2015

It have also been addressed by the Prime Ministers of Australia, Britain, China, Singapore, Thailand, India, Canada and Pakistan, as well as global business and thought leaders.

ASLI will be organising the Malaysia-UK Forum on 12th November 2015 together with Malaysia Link UK (MLUK), ASEAN-UK Business Forum (AUBF) and Friends of BN UK (FBNUK) at the Royal Garden Hotel in London, England.

The Malaysia-UK Forum seeks to build on the strong bilateral relationship with Britain in the light of Malaysia’s growing regional and global role. It will provide insights and information on Malaysia, covering key economic sectors as well as strategic political and social issues impacting the business environment. It will also assess future challenges, identify prospects and trends as well as provide answers to questions about the future of Malaysia.

In addition, the forum will explore ideas and promote exchange of views on how to further deepen and expand the bilateral relationship with Britain, taking into consideration of the challenges and opportunities that Malaysia will be facing in the foreseeable future.

For more information, please click on the link below to visit the event website or contact the organiser at