Third Party Event

06 Oct 2021 - 29 Oct 2021

With its second rendition of the MAFBEX Wired series, it continues its aim to support and connect different players in the F&B industry despite the challenges encountered during the pandemic.

As one of the hardest-hit sectors during the pandemic, the local F&B industry was halted on its continuous rise. With the rise of the vaccination rate, many are hoping for the F&B to recover and continue its halted growth. As the premier F&B exposition, MAFBEX is here to help guide businesses, chefs, and foodies on the way to the new normal.

The highly-awaited MAFBEX webinar series will also be back with three seminars scheduled on October 14, 15, and 22. Featuring different guests, MAFBEX Talks will be useful to professionals and students aiming to be in the F&B industry.

This year’s MAFBEX Talks will focus on discussing strategies that restaurant-owners can implement during the pandemic, along with starting home-based restaurants, and next year’s forecast on food trends. Leading the talks are some of the key players in the industry, this year’s MAFBEX Talks will really be a great guide to people looking to enter the industry this year.

Launched on October 6, MAFBEX continued its wired series with MAFBEX Cooks. Many people inside their own homes can learn how to cook and create new recipes made by known chefs in the Philippines. This weekly series will run every Wednesday of October.

Young professionals and students can also grow their skills from cooking to food presentation through the Basics series where chefs teach the best and most efficient techniques.

MAFBEX Mixed also introduces new cocktails and mixes that you can easily do at home. Learn from expert bartenders and find out how you can create these mixes with ingredients you can just find in your groceries.

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