Third Party Event

21 Sep 2016

The LBR LBO Infrastructure Summit 2016 will bring together public sector senior officials, industry representatives, investors and financial intermediaries, development experts, policy makers, researchers and academics to discuss some of the vital issues in five insightful and thought provoking sessions.

The Summit will provide insights into the scope, challenges and opportunities of the “Western Region Development” through five thought-provoking sessions. Such insights will enable prospective investors understand business services in infrastructure design, building and operations.

The following topics will be addressed at the event:

1) The transformative power of the “Western Region Development: Physical landscape, built environment, economic, liveability and country reputation”;

2) Execution: – “Bridging the Gap Between Vision and Action” (governance, political stability, institutional infrastructure, talent, innovative ideas and capital);

3) Designing intelligent, viable, and sustainable mobility solutions;           

4) Liveability, resilience and climate positivity (design, construct and operate for environment);

5) Making the $40bn funding a reality (sources of funding, innovating financial tools and promoting Sri Lanka as a prime investment estimation).


Lakshaman Bandaranayake, Summit Curator/Publisher, Lanka Business Online M: +94 (0) 76 917 7722, Web –