Third Party Event

14 Sep 2015 - 15 Sep 2015

The Intercem Cementitious Materials Forum will address key topics around all supplementary cementitious materials including:

  • Global trends in blended cement usage
  • The business case for SCM usage, including international case studies
  • The importance of SCMs in the development of a sustainable cement industry
  • The future availability of GBFS and Fly Ash
  • Transporting, grinding and handling cementitious materials

 Speakers already confirmed to participate at the Forum include:

  • Şefik Tüzün, Chairman, Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association, Turkey  
  • Eric Dugelay, Global Sustainability Services Leader, Deloitte, France  
  • Miwa Shinichi, Managing Director, JFEM, Japan
  • Kenji Nobata, General Manager, NSSMC representing the Nippon Slag Association
  • Guney Arik, Cement Group Coordinator, OYAK, Turkey
  • Charles Zeynel, President, ZAG International, USA
  • Vassiem Sheikh, Independent Consultant, UK
  • Petter Tronstad, CEO, KGJ Shipping, Norway

The inaugural Intercem Cementitious Materials Forum will also provide you with the insight and analysis you need in SCM usage and the additives market as well as the global networks that you need to secure your supply and stay ahead of competitors.