Third Party Event

17 May 2016 - 20 May 2016

As waves can amplify one another, these trends are gaining momentum, magnitude and influence as they interact with, coincide with and feed upon one another. Together, these fundamental disruptive trends are producing monumental change.

Aside from the ongoing economic volatility, cyber threats and natural disasters, the role of the enterprise risk management (ERM) has evolved to become a challenging one. Today’s rapid technological changes lead to companies rising and falling faster than it used to. Many of the world’s top companies seemed to have lost their edge due to the failure to innovate and adapt to new market conditions, coupled with the aftermath of some unpredictable shocks, such as property damage due to extreme weather or endless financial crises.

With globally focused, practical case studies presented by active practitioners from the most innovative companies in varied sectors, this two-day comprehensive programme will provide the right tools and expertise to set ERM into sound strategy choices and execution. This is intended to help both risk officers and senior decision makers as well to reposition strategic responses to risks and its impact on the bottom line.

The conference will examine cutting-edge approaches to integrated risk management, which will drive change, agility, resilience and sustainability whilst enhancing business performance.

For more information, please visit the event website here or contact IERP or call +03 2381 1900.