Third Party Event

23 Aug 2017 - 24 Aug 2017

With the theme “Humanizing Disruption,” the HR Summit recognised the influx of disruptive forces and how these are constantly changing the dynamics of the workplace, particularly in the ever-growing IT-BPM industry.

“The new world of work,” according to the HR Summit, is one that is digital and diverse, yet does not completely disregard the human element. Now more than ever, HR professionals are challenged to evolve and transform into change managers. As part of this major shift, HR needs to step up processes such as talent acquisition, talent development, and performance evaluation, and find ways to use these disruptive forces to the advantage of any organisation.

Leaders in the IT-BPM industry spearheaded these discussions, which also included a sharing of best practices on talent management that remain responsive to the specific needs of employees.

As the enabling organisation of the IT-BPM industry, IBPAP remains committed to strengthening the HR sector as whole, taking the lead in forming collaborations among industry stakeholders to take on the challenge of disruption.

To find out more about the HR Summit, please visit (event website).