Third Party Event

20 Apr 2022 - 22 Apr 2022

Wisdom has proudly announced its Hydrogen Supply Chains Summit to be held virtually on 20, 21 and 22 April 2022. Another addition to Wisdom’s very successful hydrogen series, the summit will welcome experts and key stakeholders from leading organisations to discuss ideas, strategies, and innovations for enhancing production volumes and expanding the local market. 

The event will initiate crucial conversations around the supply chain dynamics and will explore im-portant topics like security of supply, creating a solid network of supply in the transition period trade dynamics, hydrogen import needs, scaling up the market demand and storage and much more. Senior industry representatives and key players will share their views and discuss the major chal-lenges to help attendees gain a deeper insight into the current happenings and emerging opportuni-ties for businesses.

The summit will feature interactive panel discussions, practical sessions, and informative presenta-tions where the attendees can learn from and interact with the experts. They can also take advantage of the premium networking opportunities and get exclusive access to the key players of the hydro-gen industry. 

This 3-day summit will count on 8 advisory members and 20+ expert speakers from global organ-isations such as Thuga, Gasunie, Clean Hydrogen Partnership, Hydrogen Valley, Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE), Cellcentric, Verbund, European Commission, and many more. 

Key Topics:

  • Analysing the impact of the new gas hydrogen package on the gas industry decarbonisation
  • Exploring the pathway towards an integrated hydrogen community in Europe: the European Hy-drogen Backbone (EHB28) Vision
  • The critical importance of building the hydrogen supply network in the interim time: best solutions and strategies for the transition period
  • Integrating all supply chain players in the process of creating a new demand and guarantee of supply
  • Enhancing the decarbonisation revolution with key technology developments and solutions: up-grading the existing infrastructure and brand new projects
  • Hydrogen in the new mobility era: evaluating the future of new fuels and transport infrastructure in Europe
  • An outlook into the hydrogen storage needs across Europe

The summit will be an excellent platform for a productive and comprehensive debate and will pro-vide a deeper understanding of energy and technological transition trends in the industry and their impact on the supply chain. The Early Bird offer is valid till 18 February 2022 for special discounts on registrations. For more information, visit the official website at