Third Party Event

29 Mar 2016

Key Concerns:

  • What do Asian Economic Community and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement augur for Malaysia’s health care industry?
  • Finding a better balance between demand and supply in a globalised health care industry
  • Opportunities and challenges for the private sector in meeting ever increasing demand for better quality healthcare
  • Improving Malaysia’s standing in the global medical tourism sector vis-à-vis its neighbouring competitors
  • Innovating aged and palliative care to enable senior citizens to enjoy their golden years

Why Attend?

  • Gain insights into the health care industry’s potential in Malaysia and beyond from both the public and private perspectives, which will assist in your organisation’s strategic planning
  • Learn about the key trends, opportunities and challenges to look out for in Malaysia’s increasingly globalised health care industry
  • Get updates on technological and research & development (R&D) advancements in preventive medicine as well as primary, secondary and tertiary care to address non-communicable and aging diseases
  • Benefit from the experience and expertise of highly knowledgeable and experienced role-players to gain fresh insights and perspectives on the key concerns and questions highlighted
  • Opportunity to broaden your network and form synergistic partnerships with like-minded professionals and organisations

Who Should Attend?

  • Health care and medical professionals or associations
  • Hospitals and other health care or medical institutions or organisations
  • Consultants, analysts and legal advisers
  • Government bodies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical devices’ manufacturers
  • Aged care facility owners and managers, caregivers
  • R&D Institutions and other relevant organisations