Third Party Event

09 Mar 2022

The Gulf Futures Forum is the first-of-its-kind and largest online global risk conference, beginning on March 9 2022, which will focus on The Looming Iranian Threat: Mitigating Risk and Preventing Crisis with a strong lineup of policymakers and heavy-hitting industry experts. The conference agenda will address the future of strategic risk in the Gulf, and more broadly towards the security and commercial interests of a range of industries. The Gulf Futures Forum will appeal to the political establishment, commercial enterprises, the maritime sector, risk professionals, insurers, investors, and traders. Topics that will be highlighted include the strategic calculus of GCC States, future of Iranian sanctions, Iran’s nuclear aspirations, the strategic risks posed to energy and maritime security, cybersecurity risks, supply chain resilience and ESG in the Gulf, and the strategic ramifications of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan to the Gulf. 

In recent months the Middle East has experienced an uptick in tensions ranging from Iranian-led cyber attacks on critical infrastructure, increased maritime attacks, and sponsorship of terrorist proxies across the region spilling over to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Iran’s fostering of extremist ideology will undoubtedly continue unabated as Iran progresses in its nuclear capabilities.

Ambiguity over sanctions exists as while the Biden administration seeks to revive the nuclear deal the US continues to impose a degree of sanctions on Iran. All the while, Iran is attracting investments and increasing trade with Asia enabling Iran’s nuclear ambitions to continue unabated.

Join a unique setting of policymakers, military representatives, security and diplomatic officials as well as regional specialists to gain proprietary information, contextualize intelligence and ultimately mitigate risk across the middle east.

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