Third Party Event

02 May 2018 - 03 May 2018

The GCC faces a serious depletion in its available water resources. Seventy percent of desalination plants in the world are located in this area, found mostly in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain. However, the region still needs to adjust its water use habits before its energy consumption doubles in 2020. 

The GCC Watertech Summit will look at what can be done to manage this scarce resource with a focus on the latest technologies available in this field.

Themes will include: developing traditional water sources; exploiting domestic conventional ground and surface waters; developing solar and wind as substitute energy sources to keep energy costs sufficiently low to allow even wider use of desalination; extending available water through water user groups; effective pricing of water; and command and control policies of the government.

The GCC Watertech Summit will offer opportunities for information-sharing and learning about the latest cost-effective technologies, market practices and high-impact strategies available. 

There will also be plenty of openings for networking and gaining information on the many water projects that are expected to be awarded across the region.

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