Third Party Event

29 Jun 2021

The event aims to promote bilateral trade and facilitate foreign direct investment between the two regions by providing a platform for businesses on both sides to expand into new markets and explore collaboration opportunities.

The summit will put the spotlight on key topics of mutual interest including the ongoing economic diversification initiatives in the GCC, investing in the UK, emerging foreign investment opportunities spurred by large-scale tourism and infrastructure projects in the Gulf region, sustainable development, and economic outlook. 

As the GCC experiences a period of rapid growth and economic diversification, it is witnessing a corresponding upswing in its trade and economic relations with the UK. This is evidenced by the fact that the Gulf region accounts for as much as $50.8 billion out of the estimated $57.2 billion annual trade between the UK and the Middle East. The GCC-UK Trade Summit aims to further strengthen bilateral trade and investment ties and is envisioned as a platform that will catalyze a new era of collaboration between the two regions by bringing together on one stage high-profile investors, exporters, consultants, experts, service providers and key private and public sector decision-makers.
The summit will provide updates on the most important projects currently underway in the GCC, explore ways to build technical capacities and networks of collaboration for entrepreneurs, and discuss opportunities to stimulate bilateral trade and investment over the next decade. 

Organized by “add”, the virtual event will host a series of lively discussions and impactful presentations on subjects that are most relevant to the UK and GCC business communities, delivering key insights through expert speaker panels, case studies, sectoral analysis, high-level conversations, interviews, and networking opportunities.
For more information, please visit: Click here to view the agenda