Third Party Event

02 Apr 2019 - 03 Apr 2019

Innovation and digitalization have been reshaping the financial industry model over the past decade. The banking sector remains under pressure as technology is impacting every segment and payments is no exception. With evolving customer demand, banks and financial institutions have to invest in digitalization to stay ahead of the game. With regulatory support to embrace a cashless society and encourage new innovative FinTechs, financial service providers must focus on digitalization by redesigning their user experience, getting their basics right to improve customer convenience. Banks struggling to implement digitalization and provide customers with a frictionless experience and seamless checkout processes will eventually witness FinTechs taking the lead. The question is, do banks collaborate or compete?

The summit will address the greatest challenges and opportunities for Qatar’s FinTech and Digital Banking industries by providing insights on:

  • Investing fully into digital financial technology for economic diversification as per the National Vision 2030
  • Enhancing regulations in an effective manner to attract FinTech development, innovation and digitalization
  • Positioning Qatar to become a fully cashless society by the FIFA World Cup 2022 to promote world-class digital banking facilities
  • Developing a FinTech hub by the end of 2019 in partnership with international tech giants and platforms to enhance the financial sector’s digital offerings and opportunities
  • Becoming one of the most secured banking and financial services industries in the world by maintaining the best cyber resilience and security standards
  • Effectively utilizing advanced digitalization such as AI, RPA, IoT and much more to enhance the customer banking experience across all business verticals

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