Third Party Event

24 Jun 2019 - 26 Jun 2019

Topics are the following’s:

  • Innovation of things- mega trend for 2030
  • IPMA competencies aligned with today’s industry
  • System thinking for projects
  • Automated train operation – case study from Switzerland
  • Leadership for project managers with NLP
  • Digital transformation and the human Element; what is the right balance?
  • Trends for rail sector communication system.
  • Impact of ISO19650 (BIM) to the construction project management
  • Transformational wave to become an EPC Contractor
  • Better information management in transformation of asset data management
  • Focusing procurement transformation in supply value chain
  • The role of ‘big data’ and data science in EPC Projects
  • Benchmarking smart cities through standardization

The EPC-SUMMIT has incredible value to participants by sharing knowledge about products and services, giving them opportunities to expand their businesses on a national and international level, finding business partners and potential investors. 

Since it is an EPC conference, we will be addressing key topics from every perspective, be it from engineering and systems, project management or leadership, we will bring light to important new developments like BIM in 5D, new communication systems, new leadership styles and many more exciting topics.

Get ready to ride the wave of transformation. We look forward to your participation.

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