Third Party Event

08 Sep 2016 - 09 Sep 2016

While there are still few challenges to expect, in addition to Mongolia’s new parliament election, the commodity market is on the brink of a possible recovery. This year’s forum will concentrate heavily on the new government’s policy within the mining and exploration sector of Mongolia.

Throughout its 14 years, the Discover Mongolia event has been one of the most efficient information-sharing platform for Mongolia’s mining industry. Hence it is our objective to use this platform to attract investment into Mongolian mining projects, voice your concerns to the regulators and the public.

This year we have formulated our motto of the conference to be “For stability”. Political instability in Mongolia in recent years resulted in significant damage to the private and public mining companies as well as international investors’ sentiment. With a new parliament currently in power for the next four years investors are expecting certain stability. Can this potential stability re-ignite the investment flow towards Mongolia?

At the event, participants can hear the following issues addressed by industry experts and regulators:

  • Directions of the new government policy; 
  • The most up-to-date regulatory news and possible changes; 
  • The current economic environment on developing a mining project; 
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency in the mining sector; 
  • Seeking alternative financing solutions for mining; 
  • Various operational challenges faced by counterparts and how they overcome these challenges.

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