Third Party Event

11 Jan 2023 - 12 Jan 2023

The Philippines economy is experiencing a digital transformation wave. Big data, IoT, Smart Society, Mobile Technologies, AI is rapidly changing the way business is operated as well as People’s life. A study shows the potential economic loss in the Philippines due to cybersecurity incidents can hit a staggering US$3.5 billion. This is 1.1 percent of the Philippines’ total GDP. Cybersecurity attacks have led to job losses in seven in ten (72%) organizations over the last year, Cybersecurity concerns delay Digital Transformation plans. A large-sized organization in the Philippines can possibly incur an economic loss of US$7.5 million, more than 200 times the average economic loss for a mid-sized organization. In addition to financial losses, cybersecurity incidents are also undermining the Philippines
organizations’ ability to capture future opportunities in today’s digital economy, with more than half (57%) respondents stating that their enterprise has put off digital transformation efforts due to the fear of cyber-risks.

IT infrastructure becomes more complex, with technology and compliance requirements moving so fast, it’s difficult for cyber security executives to keep up with the latest trends and solutions. With increasing cyber threats to businesses of all sizes, cyber security buyers are looking for answers to help them stay secure. Countering the various areas of cyber exposures requires not only vigilant risk management but also cybersecurity drills and diligence on
correlating threat intelligence and collaborating within and across enterprises and industries. Managing the unknown is a big challenge in the new world of IoT and BYOD where connected devices are used every single second that can inadvertently affect operations, networks, customers, and threaten business continuity and industrial infrastructure that can be catastrophic.

Escom’s Cyber Security Philippines (CSP) is aligned with the vision of “Cyber Security in the Age of Digital Transformation”, it’s designed for security professionals across varies sectors in the Philippines to discuss and debate on challenges and solutions of its digitalization. The CSP is will gather 150 senior security experts such as CIOs, CSOs, Compliance Officers, Security Architects, IT managers, Cloud architects, Digital Transformation Directors, from government, educations, industrial, public sector, enterprises, consumer businesses and more. It’s a two day conference with 40+ speakers and panelists from varies background to share their insights, knowledge and best practices on varies trendy topics such as: #Cyber threat intelligence #Data Security in a Zero-Perimeter World #Security of Things #Payment & Transaction Security #Privacy in Digital Age #Security in DevOps.

The event format is very innovative and engaging, essential insights, worked case-studies, peer networking and access to industry leading suppliers – creates an opportunity for you to engage with them. There will also be an exhibition with roughly 20 exhibitors showcasing the latest technologies and innovations available globally for security industry. The event is the ideal platform to connect security leaders and to get updated, inspired & marketed in the market. The event is the most important cyber security innovation themed gathering for security officers and solutions providers.