Third Party Event

09 Dec 2015 - 10 Dec 2015

Officially endorsed by the China Gold Association and the Shanghai Gold Exchange, hosted by the Shanghai Gold & Jewelry Trade Association and organized by IGVision International Corporation, it is recognized as the largest and most important gold & precious metals conference in China. As Franco Bosoni, Director, Commodity Services, DMCC, once said:” Attending the China Gold & Precious Metals Summit was certainly the next natural step as it enables us to discuss best practices and explore new avenues where Dubai’s bullion sector in particular can further complement the development of this evolving market.”

Who will be going:

Key industry professionals from gold miners, gold refiners and fabricators, bullion dealers, mints, investment and bullion banks, jewelers, gold & commodity exchanges, money managers, service providers as well as policy setters around the world in the gold and precious metals industry.

What will be covered:

  • Overview of gold and precious metals market incited by China’s “One Belt and One Road” initiative
  • Exploring the emerging opportunities in cross-border gold mine investment and bullion trades
  • Impact of Fed’s tightening cycle
  • Gold trading market of the future with the trends of gold contracts in Asia as physical bullion moves eastward

Why you should come:

  • Encounter new ideas, technologies and solutions
  • Keep up to date with industry growth and development
  • Explore new business chances and partnership opportunities
  • Network with industry peers and colleagues, and share the best practices and experiences with industry experts

3 easy ways to register or find out more:

  1. Visit official website at
  2. Call the committee at +86 21 5161 5300
  3. Email the committee at