Third Party Event

20 Mar 2014

Oxford Business Group is pleased to announce its media partnership with the ASEAN Corporate Sustainability Summit and Awards 2014 which will be held on 20 – 21 March, in Philippines. In this respect we send you the following message from the conference organisers:

Dear Oxford Business Group Subscribers,

We would like to invite you to join us on 20 to 21 March for the ASEAN Corporate Sustainability Summit and Awards 2014.

About ACSS 2014:

The Environmental Compliance and Consultants International (ECCI), through its learning solutions arm, Academy for Professional Excellence Global (APEX Global) is organising its second year of pioneering conferences that promote sustainable practices and development in the South East Asian region.

The theme of this year’s Summit is “Shifting Gears, Driving Inclusive Growth.”

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Speakers and Facilitators:

ECCI-APEX Global is gathering globally-renowned business leaders, sustainability practitioners, civil society partners, regional regulators, public sector leaders and aid agencies experts to discuss the practices and sustainable developments that are part of their commitment as main drivers of inclusive growth.

Speakers include Ralph Dixon, CEO of YTL-SV Carbon; Dr. Aditi Haldar, Director of Global Reporting Initiative Focal Point in India; and Bindu Lohani, Vice-President for Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development for Asian Development Bank in the Philippines.

Dixon will discuss “Impact Investment”; Haldar will lecture on “Integrated Sustainability Reporting”, and Lohani will delve in to “Financing Mechanisms to Foster a Green and Socially Inclusive Economy.”

Breakout Streams:

The organiser is augmenting the theme with three stream sessions enabling participants to cultivate an exchange of ideas and knowledge from around the SEA region. The three stream sessions are: Innovation, Inclusiveness and Governance and Strategy.

Awards and Recognition:

As a platform to showcase sustainable practices and create an avenue for benchmarking, ACSS & Awards 2014 will give recognition to the best practices in South East Asia that helped in the advancement of – Social, Environmental and Economic sustainability. It will promote individuals and organisations that manifested greater levels of sustainability initiatives and accountability that contributed to alleviating Sustainability Headwinds such as Globalization, Digital Explosion, Population Growth, Ecological Decline, Inefficient use of Resources and Climate Change.

For more information, please check or you may contact Mr. RJ Parcon. You may reach him through e-mail: or through mobile: +639177205245.