Third Party Event

16 May 2017 - 17 May 2017

1- Smart Economy: The internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technologies are helping reshape cities and transform the relationship between governments and their citizens. The ArabNet Digital Summit will feature a full track exploring the smart economy – covering smart cities, smart governments, the future of cars and transportation and digital enterprise – as well as blockchain and machine learning technologies that are driving this transformation.

2- Digital Commerce: On-demand commerce and omni-channel retail are transforming the way consumers make purchases. The ArabNet Digital Summit will explore the emerging trends and opportunities in e-commerce, e-retail and payments in MENA. It will also dive into the digital transformations taking place in the banking sector and the fintech innovations that are changing the financial services industry.

3- AdTech: Analytics, content distribution, programmatic, native, bots and automation – all technologies that are reshaping how publishers, agencies and brands do business. The ArabNet Summit will feature two full tracks covering the latest trends in digital media and advertising, including the AdTech Showcase – a convergence of new advertising and media technologies from around the world to improve the impact and efficiency of campaigns, and help publishers maximize revenues.

4-Innovation and Investment: Massive amounts of cash are flowing into the digital startup space, with new initiatives, accelerators and funds launched almost on a weekly basis. The ArabNet Summit will feature a full track for investors, with high-level discussions that include LPs, private equity investors and family offices. It will also feature a full track to help corporate understand how they can invest in or collaborate with startups to stay ahead of disruption. Finally, the event will feature the ArabNet Startup Championship, with pitches from 18 of the most promising startups from across MENA, handpicked through local pitching rounds.