Third Party Event

26 Apr 2017 - 27 Apr 2017

Event highlight

  • Learn how to streamline airport commercial activities to maximise non-aeronautical revenue;
  • Develop effective airport retail planning and strategies, learn how to incorporate technology as a strategic tool for airport retail planning and decision making;
  • Create seamless airport experience, latest trends on innovative technologies and IOT embraced by retailers and airport operators;
  • Connect the dots and gain inspiration to obtain solutions on innovating airport retail experience.

Conference at a glance

  • Session 1 – Aerotropolis: Future development and economic growth;
  • Session 2 – Hong Kong International Airport: A full-edge airport city;
  • Session 3 – Revolutionising airport retail;
  • Session 4 – How can airports optimise on entertainment and escapism to keep passengers occupied during spare time?;
  • Session 5 – Establishing strategic planning and design of airport’s commercial space;
  • Session 6 – Optimising the value of commercial space;
  • Session 7 – Joint venture vs direct operation: which is the best model for you?
  • Session 8 – Personalisation of airport retail to attract worldwide visitors;
  • Session 9 – Are airports the shopping malls of the future?
  • Session 10 – Engaging with traveller’s shopping experience;
  • Session 11 – Scaling up variety of retail and food and beverage offerings;
  • Session 12 – Creating personalised digital and shopping experience for your passengers;
  • Session 13 – Assessing regularly retail mix to cater for changing market trend and shoppers’ behaviour;
  • Session 14 – How can normal retail brand compete with duty free shop?
  • Session 15 – Adapting products and services for passengers and non-flying visitors based on airport passenger profile;
  • Session 16 – Maximising the connections between travellers and airport.

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Only limited seats are allocated for this event.

For registration/inquiry, please contact:

Corin Tan

Project Manager – Marketing

Tel: +603-2775 0000 (ext 510)