Third Party Event

24 Apr 2019

Accenture’s Innovation Summit 2019, will bring together some of the best talents and leaders in Saudi Arabia to discuss the concepts of innovation in complete depth. As the region goes through a digital transformation, there is a greater need for digital differentiation to remain relevant and competitive. However, the BIG Questions are how, what and why?

Join to see how leaders can act now to take their digital transformation to the next level, shape new technology and innovation strategies and set a new series of endgames in their sights. 

Topics such as trapped-value, risks, innovation and latest technology trends in Saudi Arabia will be discussed at the summit along with exclusive Accenture research studies.

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  • Dr. Khaled AlDhaher Country Managing Director, Accenture, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Sulaiman A. Mirdad Adviser at Communications and Information Technology Commission
  • Xavier Anglada Managing Director and Accenture Digital Lead, Middle East & Turkey
  • Emmanuel Viale Managing Director –Head of Accenture Innovation Labs in Sophia Antipolis
  • Thomas Müller, Fjord General Manager at Fjord Accenture Interactive Europe, Africa, Latin America
  • Basmah Aljedia, Head of MISK Innovation, Misk Foundation
  • Hattan Ahmed, Head of Entrepreneurship Center, KAUST Innovation
  • Ahmed Hamdan, CEO, Unifonic
  • Shahd Abdulrahman Attar, Principal Director, Accenture Digital, Saudi Arabia
  • Tarek Sultani, Group Director and Studio Lead, Fjord Middle East