Third Party Event

20 Nov 2018

The event will provide essential insights to any company looking at the RegTech space as a way to manage their regulatory compliance tasks and reduce operational risks, all while saving time and money.

How can banks better manage one of the costliest and most troublesome activities of complying with regulations? With FinTech taking the region by storm, RegTech has emerged as a separate industry to tackle regulatory compliance that is often time-consuming and expensive for both financial institutions and regulators – and it’s only going to get worse! RegTech solutions attempt to address these challenges and are expected to go through a significant transformation under the effect of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data analytics, biometrics and more.

This is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the future of RegTech: leaders of banks and credit card networks, infrastructure providers, business consultancies and, of course, regulators themselves.

  • Learn about the rise of RegTech, how innovation will impact existing systems and standards of practice, and address the challenges of ongoing regulatory requirements 
  • Understand how to get early internal buy-in, and how to guarantee a successful and seamless rollout within your organization 
  • Understand the implications of RegTech on compliance departments 
  • Discover the role blockchain, biometrics and machine learning will play in ensuring security, privacy and trust 
  • Access comprehensive topics and in-depth case studies 
  • Interact with and ask questions to senior industry leaders through panel discussions 
  • Meet and network with your peers

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