4th BIM and Lean Construction Conference

UAE: DubaiConstruction


23 May 2016 - 24 May 2016
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This year’s event will introduce lean construction principles and an optional exclusive course on May 25, which will be independent from the main conference.

New participants will learn the following:

  • How to deploy BIM-based practices across a company;
  • How to frequently and efficiently connect a construction site to the design (with a focus on lean construction);
  • How to leverage lean construction management methods for better control of material flows and construction work;
  • How to focus on key value-adding BIM applications;
  • Application and value of BIM for complex projects like infrastructure, research facilities and hospitals
  • Common applications of BIM and lean principles for diverse types of projects.

Participants experienced in BIM and lean construction will learn the following:

  • How to think about the strategy of a company considering the power of BIM and lean-related technologies and methodologies;
  • How to minimise waste of materials, time and effort using the latest lean construction principles;
  • How to implement BIM-based design, planning, coordination and construction processes and learn about work progression and how to detect major problems;
  • Opportunities beyond basic BIM implementation;
  • How BIM and project controls help ensure that every job is done right the first time;
  • How to connect BIM-based information with daily construction work and planning.

To register, please visit http://bimconference.me/register/ and for more info, please visit http://www.bimconference.me/