Third Party Event

23 Jul 2014

Oxford Business Group is pleased to announce its research partnership with 2nd West Africa Microfinance Conference which will be held on July 23-24, 2014, in Accra. In this respect we send you the following message from the conference organisers:

Dear Oxford Business Group Subscribers,

You are kindly invited to the 2nd West Africa Microfinance Conference (WAMIC) scheduled for July 23-24, 2014 at the Accra International Conference Centre, Accra-Ghana.

The theme of the event is “Reducing Extreme Poverty through Microfinance”. The conference will bring together experts in the microfinance sector, with policy makers and legislators to share knowledge and information on best practices in the field and how the sector can be improved to meet its original objectives. It will also present an opportunity to develop a road map to a legislative framework for the sector.

Conference Objectives

  • To equip participants with the needed skills in managing microfinance business
  • To provide a common platform for the participants to share ideas and resources
  • To empower businesses with the skills they need to be stronger
  • To help participants identify and take advantage of the microfinance business as an emerging market in Africa

Why you should attend:

The 2014 WAMIC presents yet another unique benefit to participants:

  • Larger platform for sharing ideas and information in the field
  • Showcase your Microfinance company
  • Identify other areas of business investment
  • Network with key figures and stakeholders from the microfinance industry

And much more.

Registration options:

  1. Online: Please register follow this link here
  2. Email: Send us an email to with the subject “WAMIC 2014” together with your “full name”, “Phone Number”, “company name and job title (if you are representing a company)”, and your Country
  3. Mobile Phone Text: Send us an SMS or Whatsapp (+233 249 155 003) beginning with “WAMIC 2014” together with your “full name”, “your email”, “company name and job title (if you are representing a company)”, and your Country

For more information visit here or Call/WhatsApp/Viber +233 (0) 249 155 003 or +233 (0) 20 985 3013