Third Party Event

26 May 2016 - 27 May 2016

The Malaysian Banking Summit is an annual high-level conference to feel the pulse of the banking sector – the lifeblood of the nation’s business community. The summit enables participants to discuss and evaluate key challenges, trends and opportunities in the banking and financial industry. The summit provides useful insights from the captains of the banking industry as well as provide a timely platform to exchange ideas, industry updates and knowledge for banking and financial professionals.

The Malaysian economy experienced an impressive growth rate amidst global uncertainties last year as the economy is projected to grow at a healthy 5% this year. This economic robustness coupled with Bank Negara’s prudential oversight and industry compliance has made the Malaysian banking industry a solidly consistent performer. Regular stress tests have supported the healthy financial state of Malaysian banks. However, the banking sector is expected to face new challenges this year.

Global economic uncertainties and the global slowdown will impact the banking sector. Banks need to upgrade operational efficiency to save costs and deliver excellent customer service. New technologies, new trends and new players including fintechs will impact traditional banking. Future banking is the new name of the game. Innovation will enhance banking competitiveness and service excellence. Hence the focus of this year’s event is the future of banking and the challenges and opportunities from bank transformation and innovation.

The 20th Malaysian Banking Summit will provide participants with timely updates from leading players in the industry, including experts from the World Bank to focus on banking innovation and innovative leadership.

The 20th Malaysian Banking Summit will provide the following benefits:

A strategic, timely and relevant programme with extensive practical research on how the industry can improve as well as upgrade skills, talents and competencies;  Abundant networking opportunities;  An interactive platform for exchanging ideas, challenges and collectively brainstorm for practical solutions;  Practical approaches on how to nurture human capital and develop talent;  Updates on latest government policies and economic trends by the World Bank;  Strategies to enhance operational excellence and upgrade efficiency and productivity in banks and financial institutions.