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As evidenced by Sarawak’s positive performance across a variety of subsectors, its economy is already among the most diversified in Malaysia, even before the impending wave of industrial projects begins to contribute. Financial incentives and substantial investments in infrastructure appear to have generated considerable international interest from a range of industries.

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What advantages does Singapore offer tech companies seeking a springboard into ASEAN?  

Which policy initiatives should Sarawak prioritise in order to achieve more inclusive growth? How can faster development be promoted in rural areas?

Where is Sarawak focusing in order to expand regional trade, and how has investor interest in the East ASEAN Growth Area evolved?

Sarawak is one of the two states comprising East Malaysia along with neighbouring state Sabah to its north-east and the federal territory of Labuan situated off the north coast of Borneo. The state has long held a unique place within the Malaysian political sphere and the national economy, due both to its geographic location and its long history.


Sarawak’s wealth of vast natural resources has historically steered the state’s economy towards the easily-monetised extractive industries such as oil and gas production, and timber harvesting, followed later by large agricultural plantations specialising primarily in palm oil production. While these sectors continue to dominate Sarawak’s...


Often standing in the shadows of mega-investments made by large international oil corporations, agriculture plantations and, more recently, mining companies, it is the multitude of Sarawak’s smaller, less heralded companies that account for the vast majority of business taking place in the state. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)...