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Following the global oil price drop in 2014, Oman – like the other GCC states – is pushing ahead with its long-term national development plans that seek to diversify the economy.

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Given the new regulatory environment that has taken shape, how would you assess the current performance and progression of the Muscat Securities Market (MSM)?

How would you assess the government’s privatisation initiatives, and what role have public-private partnerships (PPPs) played in these?

Oman is looking to strengthen its position as a digital services leader in the region, with a series of new developments designed to bolster the ICT sector.

Oman has implemented a new tax on alcohol, sugary drinks and tobacco products, as the country seeks to bolster state revenues amid ongoing fiscal reforms.

As part of a broader strategy to diversify away from the energy sector and capitalise on its position at the centre of various global logistics supply chains, Oman is looking to integrate and expand its road, rail, airport and seaport networks.

Newly introduced legislation regulating the activities of companies in Oman will increase transparency and oversight, while also serving to encourage more local firms to list on the country’s stock exchange.