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A number of key developments in the country are expected to support economic growth in the coming years. A rapidly improving business environment and infrastructural base, the gradual liberalisation of the local currency and increased investment into export-oriented industries are all set to raise living standards and drive the emergence of a large national middle class.

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Le Maroc cherche à attirer davantage d’investissements et à accroître la compétitivité de son secteur des télécommunications suite à l’adoption d’une nouvelle loi visant à améliorer la transparence et à renforcer les pouvoirs de l’instance de régulation du secteur.

Le Maroc, désireux de tirer parti de la hausse de la demande mondiale d’engrais prévue, s’attèle actuellement à développer les activités d’extraction de la potasse dans le pays, ce qui devrait entrainer la création de davantage d’opportunités d’exportation et contribuer à renforcer les capacités en aval.

The quick adoption of mobile communication services in Morocco has been supported by the deployment of 4G services across the country, allowing for the provision of high-quality services and setting the stage for the transition from a telecoms sector dominated by voice to data. Since it was first launched in the kingdom in 2015, the 4G network...

How can public policy and the broader entrepreneurial environment encourage the proliferation and maturation of start-ups?

Much of Morocco’s economy is made up of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which employ 80% of the workforce, but often have little capacity for investment and face challenges accessing initial financing – in particular for innovative business plans. Despite these challenges, several factors bode well for the development of the country’s...