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Brunei Construction 2013
Several years of strong investment, mainly driven by government initiatives to improve infrastructure and address a housing shortage, have boosted Brunei Darussalam’s construction industry. Major on-going projects include upgrades to the Brunei International Airport, as well as the construction of the Brunei Cancer Centre, the Prime Minister’s Office and several key roads and bridges. It is also likely that demand for the construction of homes, schools and hospitals that cater to the Sultanate’s growing population will remain strong in the years to come. If the Sultanate’s economic diversification project succeeds in attracting investments to the country, Brunei Darussalam will need modern and efficient policies and regulators oversee the development of its built environment. This chapter contains an interview with Marcelino Ugarte, General Manager, Heidelberg Cement Asia.
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Sketch of Marcelino Ugarte, General Manager, Heidelberg Cement Asia
OBG talks to Marcelino Ugarte, General Manager, Heidelberg Cement Asia