Economic Snapshots

Reforms implemented since 2011 have ushered in a period of strong economic growth for Myanmar, with several sectors seeing expansion.

  • Financial Services: Lending On The Rise – Lending to the private sector has accelerated rapidly since 2011/12, with this trend expected to continue.
  • Energy: Coming On-line – New projects are set to substantially increase Myanmar’s hydrocarbons output, with international oil companies showing growing interest in the country.
  • Mining: Rich Potential – A new mining law is set to clarify and update the rules for the sector, as well as boost investor interest.
  • Trade & Investment: Better Connected – Myanmar has seen a strong rise in total trade in recent years, with imports in particular seeing the strongest growth.
  • Construction: Building Up – The recent economic and political reforms have seen a construction boom take place in Myanmar’s main economic centre, Yangon.