Economic Snapshots

Although economic openness left Mexico more exposed to the global financial crisis than some of its Latin American peers, its economic profile has since allowed it to bounce back as global trade and investment flows recover, and past structural reforms begin to bear fruit.

  • Economy: Open Borders – Since the mid-1990s Mexico has progressively liberalised and integrated into regional and global value chains, and is now party to a network of 12 free trade agreements with a total of 46 countries.
  • Industry: Cluster Approach – With manufactured goods accounting for nearly 90% of export earnings, the sector represents a vital economic driver. The government and private sector have successfully developed competitive clusters, boosting heavy industry.
  • Energy: Paradigm Shift – Mexico’s energy sector has undergone a profound paradigm shift since a reform programme launched in 2013 began opening the production and distribution of oil, gas, petrochemicals and electricity to private investment.
  • Banking: Credit Conscious – For more than two decades Mexico’s banking sector has been characterised by sound regulation, high capital adequacy ratios and strong profitability.