Hatem Al Mosa, CEO, Sharjah National Oil Corporation

Adapting to a new global energy reality

In an interview with Global Platform, Hatem Al Mosa, CEO of Sharjah National Oil Corporation, speaks on the ways in which Sharjah is working to ensure its long-term energy security through revising the energy mix and investing in gas storage solutions. As the region adjusts to a world in which fossil fuels are just one of many sources of power, finding new efficiencies is becoming an increasingly important concern for sector players. 


Low oil prices for sure will impact the investment level in the oil and gas industry, and typically in a negative way, and higher gas prices or oil prices will impact the industry in a positive way. So low gas prices and low oil prices always also create opportunities: opportunity for the sector to improve their efficiency, to improve the cost of production, to improve their organisational infrastructure. 

Hatem Al Mosa, CEO, Sharjah National Oil Corporation

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