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This article also features in Algeria’s start-up ecosystem is evolving rapidly. Read more about this report and view purchase options in our online store.

Algeria’s start-up ecosystem is evolving rapidly

Algeria | Economy


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Yacine Oualid, minister of the knowledge economy and start-ups for Algeria, answered questions from Oxford Business Group (OBG) in a video interview. He spoke about the evolution of the start-up ecosystem in Algeria and achievements during the newly created ministry’s first year in existence, reflecting the government’s ongoing commitment to boost and strengthen the sector. The start-up ecosystem has evolved significantly thanks to initiatives led by the ministry centred on the following three pillars: the establishment of a regulatory framework to encourage innovation, and the implementation of funding mechanisms that better meet the needs of start-ups and support structures to nurture entrepreneurship in high-tech sectors.

This video interview was produced as part of a larger study – to be published by OBG in partnership with Bomare Company – aimed at understanding the challenges and opportunities of non-hydrocarbons exports.

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