Dr. Ahmed Al Enizi, CEO, King Saud Medical City

King Saud Medical City establishes improved model for patient care

In this Global Platform video, Dr Ahmed Al Enizi, CEO of King Saud Medical City, talks about the changes and improvements being made to models of patient care and the introduction of corporatisation to the health sector. Corporatisation has decreased wait times for medical procedures significantly, and is helping to promote competition and transparency. In this way, the Kingdom is enhancing the efficiency of the sector and improving the quality of care that is provided. 


King Saud Medical City is the largest institute under Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia. We have a capacity of 1400 beds over all the city and we have 9700 talented employees. One of the most important projects at the level of transformation is the model of care. It is patient-centred, patient-focused, so the patient pathway will be clear from the primary care, to the secondary care, to the tertiary care. 

We have six branches of model of care: to keep you well, to manage chronic disease, urgent care, the late-phase care and safe pair. Now, each cluster should cover all the six models of care, and this is one of the best things from a transformation point of view. The introduction of corporatisation in the health sector, will promote competition and transparency. And thus, enhance the capability efficiency and also the productivity of the care, and increase the options available to the citizens in addressing the mandate for corporatisation.

Dr. Ahmed Al Enizi, CEO, King Saud Medical City

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