Osama Bishai, CEO, Orascom Construction

Economic diversification, regional expansions and population growth drive Egypt’s construction boom

In an interview with Global Platform, Osama Bishai, CEO of Orascom Construction, discusses the factors that are contributing to Egypt’s construction boom, namely the expanding demands of the country’s young population, the major infrastructure developments taking place in Africa and further abroad, and tourism projects, such as the Grand Egyptian Museum. In addition to driving activity, government plans are also helping to expand the capabilities of local contractors as they take a front seat in challenging developments.


We grow approximately 3m people every two years or maybe more than that. It's a big number. So the need for infrastructure, the need for new cities, new housing, new power generation is constant and should be a daily effort that the government and the private sector should do in order to be able to sustain the growth of population and provide a better quality of life. There is so much to do in Egypt. While we are a big country I always refer to Egypt as a young country. You have to appreciate that 35% of the Egyptians are 15 years and younger, so imagine the numbers and the growth that could happen, so there's so much to be done in this country. 

Osama Bishai, CEO, Orascom Construction

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