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    OBG examines all aspects of local transport infrastructure, including sea, air and land. Our analysis within the transport sector reviews the major projects under way and planned, such as airport expansions, port plans, public transit systems, road construction and rail networks.
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En Côte d’Ivoire, où la croissance économique se poursuit, l’urbanisation rapide et l’augmentation de la population devraient conduire le pays à entamer d’importants chantiers de modernisation des infrastructures de transport et des infrastructures urbaines, selon un nouveau rapport de la Banque Mondiale publié fin février. De son côté, le gouvernement ivoirien soutient plusieurs initiatives destinées à combler les insuffisances en la matière.


To what extent is the maritime shipping sector able to cope with rising demand?


In recent years Saudi Arabia has been extending and upgrading its national road and highway network to meet the combined demands of a growing population, urbanisation, economic growth and a sharp increase in motor vehicle use.


The aviation sector is experiencing rapid growth worldwide, propelled by booming tourism industries, lower air fares and the push for greater connectivity in an increasingly globalised economy. Middle-class expansion has also spurred growth in air travel, as more people are able to afford flights for holidays or business-related travel....


How can the country’s intermodal transport options be leveraged to boost trade?


The government’s vision is for both domestic and international transport to play a key role in the diversification and modernisation of the economy. The authorities are aiming to make the country a regional and international logistics centre. To achieve this goal, they envisage working closely with leading global logistics companies via public...