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    Western-style shopping malls are increasingly popular in emerging markets. OBG’s retail sector analysis looks at local demand, shopping habits, opportunities for development in smaller cities, consumer spending power and brand awareness.
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Improving economic conditions, increased tourism numbers and the launch of two major development projects are forecast to support growth in Abu Dhabi’s retail sector, especially within the food and beverages (F&B) segment.

Sharjah has long played an important economic and cultural role in the UAE, and boasts one of the most diversified economies by regional standards, with no individual sector accounting for more than 20% of GDP.


How do you see domestic demand for cement evolving in the next 24 months?


Industry in Sri Lanka has developed over the years by taking the high road. In part driven by necessity, the country has tended to avoid low-margin, high-volume production in favour of value addition and customisation. The result has been solid demand for its goods and a strong international reputation.


Sri Lanka’s export economy has been facing challenges in recent years from intense international competition and lack of investment, especially foreign direct investment. As a result, the government is stepping up its commitment to support exports, especially from industrial small and medium-sized enterprises.


The retail sector in Sri Lanka is set for rapid development. Shopping is becoming increasingly convenient as modern outlets become more numerous, new malls are being built and an increasing number of global brands are arriving in the country. Meanwhile, the growing tourism industry is bringing not only money but also the culture of shopping....