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    Western-style shopping malls are increasingly popular in emerging markets. OBG’s retail sector analysis looks at local demand, shopping habits, opportunities for development in smaller cities, consumer spending power and brand awareness.
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Myanmar’s rapidly expanding retail and wholesale sectors have been opened up to overseas investors, with newly announced reforms allowing for 100% foreign ownership, though some restrictions remain in place.


Mexican companies are making strong progress in adopting digital technology to improve the efficiency and productivity of their operations, according to new research; however, industry figures have highlighted opportunities for greater advancements to be made in the field of innovation.


What is being done to improve Mexico’s patent ranking and boost its position as a regional leader in international property rights?


The authorities have long recognised the importance of research and innovation to the development of a strong and sustainable economy. To date, however, a number of structural challenges have somewhat limited innovation, and certain government research and development (R&D) spending goals remain unmet.

Chapter | Entrepreneurship + R&D from The Report: Mexico 2018

While renewed interest in promoting research and development has meant Mexico is performing well on global indices, lower budgets in 2017 and 2018 mean the government will be looking to continue incentivising private investment, while encouraging universities to maintain their work to advance the sector. While Mexico has a strong background in innovation, fostering new research and auctioning...

Driven by an ongoing process of economic opening since the 1990s, Mexico has established a solid macroeconomic base. Structural reforms have improved the country’s trade flows, helped to soften the impact of a gradual slowdown in hydrocarbons production and exports, and enabled manufacturing-led economic diversification and regional integration.