Agriculture & Food Security
From The Report: Abu Dhabi 2020
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Agriculture is a key target for expansion, modernisation and diversification in the emirate. The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 aims for the non-oil sector to make up 64% of the economy by 2030. Food and agriculture have an important part to play in achieving this and represent vast potential for growth into new areas. In spite of the emirate’s dry desert conditions and high summer temperatures, the sector has made significant progress in recent years. The authorities are working on increasing local production in the face of high imports and a growing population. While this presents challenges it also offers an opportunity to stimulate local food resources, farms and the private sector. Other priorities include advancing research and development, investing in agricultural technology, addressing water scarcity, and employing sustainable practices such as reducing food waste and ensuring the highest standards of food safety for a market that demands consistency and quality. This chapter contains an interview with Saeed Al Bahri Salem Al Ameri, Director-General, Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority