From The Report: Abu Dhabi 2019
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The UAE is at the forefront of developments in the regional telecoms market, boasting one of the highest smart phone penetration rates in the world, a reputation as a testing ground for emergent capabilities, and rapidly developing infrastructures for wireless broadband and fibre-optic services. At the emirate level, the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 established targets for investment in and adoption of new ICT infrastructure, such as increases in ICT spending and internet penetration to match the levels of international industry leaders Singapore and New Zealand. Similarly, the Abu Dhabi Plan, published in June 2016, outlines 25 goals where success will depend on making advances in ICT infrastructure. This chapter contains interviews with Rauda Al Saadi, Director-General, Abu Dhabi Smart Solutions and Services Authority; and Saleh Abdullah Al Abdooli, CEO, Etisalat Group.