From The Report: Abu Dhabi 2017
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Helped in part by some significant examples of international investment, the health care sector in Abu Dhabi has made huge strides over the last four decades. Based on these foundations, the agencies responsible for planning future provision in the emirate are currently focused on improving, reshaping and expanding the services offered to its residents and citizens, and balancing the resources provided by both the public and private sectors. In 2015, 52% of all inpatient care and 31% of outpatient cases were dealt with in government-owned hospitals, while the remaining care was provided by the private sector, which has seen its role increase since 2011, when government hospitals handled 65% of all inpatients and 40% of outpatients. Health officials in Abu Dhabi are anticipating significant private sector investment, as 10 new hospitals are currently under construction in the emirate alone.

This chapter contains an interview with Professor Maha Barakat, Director-General, Health Authority – Abu Dhabi.