Construction & Real Estate
From The Report: Turkey 2015
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Over the last decade, the construction sector has transformed the skyline of Istanbul and other cities, renewed and extended Turkey’s transport infrastructure, and built new communities and facilities from the Aegean to the Caucasus. Construction employs tens of thousands directly and has also established a range of related industries— such as construction machinery, building materials, engineering and architecture. With the domestic market providing a strong base, and with Turkish contractors having successfully diversified their markets and projects in recent years, the construction sector is well positioned to continue growing. From residential to retail property, the real estate market has also flourished in the last few years. With strong fundamentals in terms of population and income growth, the market should be able to maintain its expansion in the years ahead.

This chapter contains a dialogue with Ergil Ersü, Chairman, Gama Holding, and Orhan Paçacı, Member of the Executive Committee and Shareholder, Mesa Holding, and an interview with Emin Sazak, CEO, Yüksel İnşaat, and former President, Turkish Contractors Association.