Transport & Logistics
From The Report: Turkey 2013
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Despite substantial roadway expansion in the last five years, the country has struggled to keep up with rapid growth of car ownership, often resulting in congestion. Much more investment is necessary, not least because economic progress is creating new infrastructure needs. The most ambitious of several proposed highway expansion plans is the North Marmara Highway, which would link Izmir and Istanbul via a third bridge over the Bosphorus. Planned expansions to rail networks include improvements to domestic lines and connections to Eurasian markets. Air transport has proven to be a significant driver of economic growth. The most ambitious of Turkey’s infrastructure projects calls for the development of a third airport at a cost of more than $9bn – a proposal which is drawing a characteristic mix of excitement, investor interest and criticism in-country.
This chapter contains interviews with Sani Şener, President and CEO, TAV Airports, and Ahmet Musul, Chairman, Ekol Logistics.